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I am Madeline Ricci, former corporate executive turned 8-figure entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

Transformation has always fueled my growth. From a young age, I understood that for me to change my circumstances, I had to change my mindset and my environment. My journey exemplifies the boundless possibilities that arise when we cultivate resilience and uphold a solid set of values. 

As an Accredited Certified International Transformative Mindset Practitioner, I’ve developed a unique methodology for helping my clients identify (and remove!) the root causes of their limitations. My process is rooted in my own life experiences and backed by the life-altering transformations I’ve been able to help my clients achieve.


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The VESTA Method

(Visionary Executive Strategies for Transformational Achievement)

This is my signature program designed to help facilitate massive transformation in only one day.

This is a one-day private coaching program designed to help you embrace your core values, establish boundaries, cultivate emotional intelligence, and set achievable goals.

We will work together through structured exercises and assessments to solidify your vision, identify your core values, and establish your success roadmap. 

Whether virtual or in-person, this is an immersive and transformative experience that will remove all the blocks on your path to your next growth stage.

Madeline’s ability to hold a safe space for me to open up, self-reflect, and be vulnerable was invaluable. She intentionally challenged my mindset to break down any barriers holding me back. With her support, I had the space and time to find greater clarity within myself as a leader and within my business.

- Christina Hillyard

We will also work together to define your unique value system, uproot your limiting beliefs, and unlock your growth potential.

We do this via my proprietary 5-pillar process:

01 Define Your Values and Find Your Guiding Light
Uncover the essence of who you are with our program on crafting a unique value system that acts as your North Star. Gain the confidence to make decisions, stay true to your beliefs, and conquer life's hurdles with integrity.
02 Enhance Communication Through Compassion
Master Non-Violence Communication to express yourself clearly, deepen connections, and resolve conflicts peacefully. Learn to listen empathetically and speak honestly without causing harm, fostering understanding in all relationships.
03 Establish Healthy Boundaries for Self-Respect
Learn the art of setting boundaries for self-respect and positive relationships. Gain the courage to prioritize your well-being, say "no" when needed, and navigate interactions gracefully for a fulfilling life.
04 Achieve Success Through Strategic Goal Setting
Turn dreams into reality with SMART goal-setting techniques that motivate progress toward personal growth and fulfillment. Align your goals with your values to define success on your terms.
05 Develop Emotional Intelligence for Personal Growth
Emotional intelligence training enhances empathy, self-awareness, and relationship skills. It also helps one use emotions as tools for growth, navigate life's challenges with grace, and lead with compassion and insight.
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This acronym, V.E.S.T.A., not only incorporates the key aspects of the program but also evokes the image of Vesta, the Roman goddess of hearth, home, and family.

It subtly underscores the program's commitment to helping female executives achieve a harmonious balance between their professional ambitions and personal life, echoing the nurturing and protective qualities associated with Vesta.


Vision and Values
Vision and Values refers to the foundational elements that define and drive a leader's actions and decisions. Vision encapsulates the long-term goals and aspirations a leader has for themselves and their organization, providing a clear direction and purpose. Values are the deeply held beliefs and principles that guide behavior, ensuring that every decision and action aligns with one’s ethical and professional standards. This pillar focuses on helping leaders articulate their vision and integrate their values into their daily leadership practices to create a cohesive and motivated workplace.


Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the capability to recognize, understand, and manage one's own emotions, as well as to influence the emotions of others. EI is crucial for leaders because it underpins effective interpersonal relationships, enhances decision-making, and fosters a healthy workplace culture. This component of the program emphasizes developing skills in self-awareness, empathy, emotional regulation, and social skills, enabling leaders to handle stress, conflict, and challenges with poise and empathy.


Strategic Leadership
Strategic Leadership involves the ability to influence a group towards the achievement of goals by setting a clear direction based on a deep understanding of the external and internal environments. This pillar focuses on enhancing the leader's ability to think analytically, plan strategically, and execute decisions that steer the organization towards long-term success. Strategic leaders not only adapt to changing environments but also proactively create opportunities that align with the organization's goals.


Transformational Communication
Transformational Communication encompasses the skills and strategies that enable a leader to communicate effectively to inspire and transform their team. This involves mastering the art of clear, assertive, and persuasive communication techniques that foster openness and trust. Leaders learn how to articulate their vision, negotiate effectively, resolve conflicts, and motivate their team through powerful communication practices that lead to transformative results.


Achieving Balance
Achieving Balance focuses on the leader’s ability to maintain a healthy equilibrium between their professional responsibilities and personal life. This pillar teaches time management strategies, boundary-setting, and stress-reduction techniques to ensure that leaders can sustain high performance without compromising their well-being. Achieving balance is essential for long-term success and satisfaction, enabling leaders to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Each of these components of V.E.S.T.A. is designed to provide a comprehensive development approach that helps female executives enhance their leadership capabilities, achieve their professional goals, and maintain a fulfilling personal life.

Under the guidance of Coach Madeline, I embarked on a transformative experience that reshaped my perspective and approach to life. I was impressed with her organization, warmth, and profound knowledge. She crafting a safe space where I felt supported and free from judgment.

- Abby Gibbons

The VESTA Method is the right fit for you if:

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Side effects of working with me:

The work I did with Coach Madeline has profoundly impacted both my personal and professional life. Transitioning from a state of shame and fear to one of pride and readiness, I now face challenges with a fearless attitude. My career has seen remarkable improvements, and I am equipped to tackle future obstacles with strength and optimism.

- Tamara Darice

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about madeline

Madeline Ricci is different from your ordinary entrepreneur. She’s a dynamic and accomplished visionary who constantly pushes boundaries and finds innovative ways to achieve her goals.

With a track record of extraordinary success and a unique skill set, Madeline isn’t just a successful entrepreneur; she’s a leader, innovator, and role model, inspiring others with her unwavering determination and commitment to making a positive change in the world.